Annual Chick-Fil-A Fundraiser

Come out to the two Boise (Broadway and Franklin Rd) Chick-Fil-A restaurants, on Thursday March 14, 2019 to benefit the 512 Fund.  The local Chick-Fil-A restaurants have been an amazing source of support to the 512 Fund, and will once again be donating a portion of the days sales to the fund. 

Mark Stall Memorial Ceremony


10th Annual Songahm Celebration

Local martial arts studio, Legacy ATA Martial Arts is supporting the 512 Fund with proceeds from their 10th Annual Songahm Celebration.  If you want to support a local martial arts tournament and the 512 Fund through their auction, event, or merchandise.  Contact Legacy ATA for further information on the event and how to get involved in Martial Arts.

Thank you to the great people at Legacy ATA and in our community for your support!


Chick-fil-A Fundraiser Thursday – March 19th

Fundraiser 2015On Thursday, March 19th, the 512 Fund and the Meridian Police Association’s Injured & Fallen Officer Fund are partnering with local Chick-fil-A restaurants for our third-annual fundraiser.  The three local Chick-fil-A restaurants will donate 15% of their profits for that day to these two worthy organizations.  Please stop by any of the three restaurants and enjoy a great meal while helping out officers and their families.

Fundraiser for the 512 Fund Fund – Saturday Sept. 20th, 2014

Career Criminal behind bars for life !

Christopher Mark Taylor, who shot Officer Dennis Clark on February 7th, 2011, will spend the rest of his life in prison.   On December 5th, Taylor was sentenced to two life sentences without the possibility of parole.    Kudos to Judge Butler for  making such a strong statement!   Also, thank you again to Officer Dennis Clark for your bravery  and decisive actions.

Officer Dennis Clark returns to duty !

Congratulations to Officer Dennis Clark of the Jerome Police Department.   10 months after being severely injured during a shootout with a fugitive, Officer Clark is returning to his duties as a patrol officer.   We at the 512 Fund are elated and we wish you continued success and safety.

Boise Police Honor Guard

The 512 Fund works closely with the BPD Honor Guard whenever an injured officer has been transported to Boise for medical treatment. During the entire time the officer is hospitalized, the Honor Guard (often with the assistance of other police agencies in the Treasure Valley) maintains a 24-hour uniformed guard at the officer’s hospital room. The members of the Honor Guard are volunteers and, as you can imagine, this takes dedication and a tremendous sense of honor and duty. The 512 Fund appreciates being able to coordinate with these fine officers for such an important task.

For some great photos of the Honor Guard in action, be sure to click on our Facebook page.

Photos from the benefit dinner for Jerome Officer Dennis Clark

512 Fund in the news…Times News story from May 16th, 2011