About the 512 Fund

The 512 Fund was established in honor of Boise Police Officer Mark Stall (Badge #512), who was killed in the line-of-duty on September 20th, 1997. The primary purpose of the 512 Fund is to provide emergency financial and logistical assistance to the eligible family members of injured officers from outside the Boise area who may be transported to Boise for emergency medical treatment. The 512 Fund is also available to eligible family members of a similarly-situated local officer who is hospitalized in the Boise area and whose family is coming from out of the area to respond to the situation.

The 512 Fund was initially funded by contributions from members of the Boise Police Union (IBPO Local 486). Since then, the 512 Fund has become a Non-Profit Corporation and will continue to be funded by police employee contributions and donations from other individuals and groups.

Since being founded in October, 2010, the 512 Fund has already been quite busy. We have now assisted the families of three different Idaho police officers brought to Boise for emergency medical treatment of injuries sustained on-duty. In every case, our efforts have been well-received and appreciated by those families and we hope to be able to continue to serve in that capacity.

The 512 Fund is a Tax Exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, as recognized by the I.R.S. That being the case, all donations made to the 512 Fund are tax-deductible.