I would like to take this time and thank you and all your law enforcement Brethern who have taken their time and effort on my behalf. November 17 will be a day I will not forget, but the more pleasant memories are those of the support and help that your association provided me the entire time I was at the hospital (8 days). From the moment I arrived at the hospital, someone was there, even though I do not remember much the first couple of days, the sincere love and support you showed to my wife and family will forever be appreciated. Your kindness and support was crucial in helping my family and I get through this troubles some time. Not only for my family, but your effort extended to my superiors and fellow officers who came down to assist me as well.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to you and all your fellow officers who helped along the road to recovery.

Idaho County Sheriff’s Department

I can personally tell you that the support this fund and the Boise Police Department provided for this department, Officer Clark, and his family was overwhelming. One example I can relay, of many, is that I was on scene with Officer Clark as the incident ended. Before Officer Clark was even transported from the scene, I had already received a phone call from a Detective from the Boise Police Department advising me that he and other officers were standing by at the hospital and he also requested contact information for Officer Clark’s family to assist with arranging escorts to the hospital. This was only the beginning of what was nonstop contact with the Boise Police Department during the entire time Officer Clark was in Boise.

Detective Daniel Kennedy
Jerome Police Department

February 7th, 2011, is a day I will never forget. In a matter of seconds my life was turned upside down and changed forever. As I arrived in Boise, I recall the life-flight helicopter pilot commenting about how he had never seen so many people and officers on the roof of the hospital as we prepared to land.

As family, friends, and co-workers received news about the situation, my condition was still unknown. I can only imagine what must have been going through people’s minds when they heard parts and pieces of the story. There was an outpour of support from people across the state. As people arrived in Boise, the last thing on their mind was trivial things such as lodging, food, financial, and other emotional burdens.  

Before I even left the scene to be flown to Boise, the 512 Fund was already taking action and preparing for not only my arrival, but the arrival of my family, friends, and co-workers. By the time people had arrived in Boise, the 512 Fund had everything taken care of and were on scene to accommodate with any needs or issues that arose.

During my stay at the hospital, positive comments about the 512 Fund and the Treasure Valley Law Enforcement agencies were non-stop. Months have now passed since my stay in Boise and I still hear about how helpful the Officers and the 512 Fund were.  

I have never been more honored and proud to be a Police Officer. I can’t say enough good things about the 512 Fund or the people that make the organization possible. A thank you seems so inadequate for what I would like to express, but I appreciate everything everyone has done for me.

Officer Dennis Clark

Jerome Police Department